Drifter Treestand 2.0
Drifter Treestand 2.0
Drifter Treestand 2.0
Drifter Treestand 2.0
Drifter Treestand 2.0
Drifter Treestand 2.0
Drifter Treestand 2.0
Drifter Treestand 2.0
Drifter Treestand 2.0

Drifter Treestand 2.0


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The Drifter Treestand 2.0 was made for those who like to mix things up. A smaller overall profile and lighter weight than the larger Overland 2.0, the Drifter 2.0 provides the ability to remain comfortable on long all-day sits in your honeyhole as well as the flexibility to go mobile when you need to make things happen.

Paired with any extras plugged into our AIS (Accessory Integration System), this stand evolves into the ultimate systematic experience.

Seat is made of comfortable, UV resistant textilene mesh.

Weight: 12.5lbs

Dimensions: 22.25" x 31.25" (13" in the back)

Seat Dimensions: 16.25" x 14.1"

Strap Length: 79.5" 

Weight Rating: 300lbs

If you are planning to place a large, bulk order of stands or sticks, please head to the linked page to learn more about placing this order. 

More info here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
David Miller
Very well built, Really light

I just got the vertical 2.0 right before Christmas. I already have two of the earlier version. And I have no complaints about that. Some people complained about weight- i’ve had lighter tree stands, but I would prefer to have a couple pounds heavier and be really sturdy and solid. But then when the 2.0 came out it is is way lighter still, and seems to be just as stable. I hung it out the day I opened it.
These stands are really comfortable, and I like how the seat does not collect snow and rain. I should’ve gotten the bow holder with it, maybe next order I will.

Not impressed

Had one stand break when I was adjusting it. Lucky I didn’t break my neck, the actual welds broke beneath my feet when I was biting it into the tree (no not my first time). Reached out to customer service and they sent me a couple more stands and they are super noisy. Consistent creaking noise when I slowly stand up. Also had the seat flipped up when not in use and when I lowered the seat a bunch of water came out of the weld and made a piss stream all the way down for like 30 seconds. Customer service told me to text them whenever I want after my break incident and they haven’t replied for the last 4 or 5 texts.


This by far the most comfortable tree stand I ever used.

Zac Z.
Great Products and Great Customer Service

Purchased my first Drifter V. (1) Platform in November of 2022. I must say it is the most comfortable lock on I have hunted with. Color Pallets blend right into the top of the trees, the platform is very sturdy and bites rock solid, and size lets you move around freely without feeling like you are going to fall off or having to hug the tree.

My V. (1) did have a problem with the seat fabric coming out of the frame. Customer service and the Team at Vertical reached back out to me in a timely manner and were more than happy and willing to send me a replacement seat at no cost to me.

Thank you Vertical for the well-Built Product and Great Customer Service.

Can’t wait to get my next Order of Products in.

Adding the Trek Sticks (2.0) and Trek Mini's to this year’s arsenal

William Baldwin
Well Designed Treestands!

Love the drifter 2.0! Platform has plenty of room and the seat is extremely comfortable. As expected- the stand is quiet and makes no noise. Great job Vertical!