Vertical™ Products

How are your treestands made? 

Our Treestands are made of T6 Grade cast-aluminum (T6 refers to the temper or degree of hardness, which is achieved by precipitation hardening). The strongest material and curing process of any treestand style. Providing you the safest, most secure experience in a treestand that you can find. 

We utilize thicker runs of material than any other cast-aluminum treestand which adds a level of security and safety to all of our stands so you can be confident in your experience, every time.

If you are looking to buy a Vertical™ Treestand, both the Overland™ and Drifter™ Platforms check the boxes of comfort and purposeful experience since both have AIS Portals and our Textilene seat. The next question you should ask yourself, is whether you plan to hang your treestand and leave it there through the season; or do you want to have the option of mobility so you can make an aggressive move to get closer to your target buck? 

If you know for sure where you plan to hang your stand is the spot to be, then the Overland™ is a great choice. If you want to have some mobility and be able to make a move on a specific deer, then the Drifter™ is the stand for you!

When you purchase an Overland™ Treestand you will receive the following: 

-Overland™ Treestand platform

-Textilene seat (mounting screw is attached to treestand)

-Two Cam Buckle Straps

When you purchase an Drifter™ Treestand you will receive the following: 

-Drifter™ Treestand platform

-Textilene seat (mounting screw is attached to treestand)

-Two Cam Buckle Straps

When you purchase a set of TREK™ Climbing Sticks you will receive the following: 

-Four TREK™ Climbing Sticks

-Four Cam Buckle Straps

Weight: 18.8lbs

Dimensions: 22.25" x 31.25"

Seat Dimensions: 16.25" x 14.1"

Strap Length: 79.5"

Weight Rating: 300lbs

Weight: 16.9lbs

Dimensions: 22.25" x 31.25" (13" in the back)

Seat Dimensions: 16.25" x 14.1"

Strap Length: 79.5" 

Weight Rating: 300lbs

Weight: 4lbs per stick

Dimensions: 34" tall

Step Width: 12.25"

Strap Length: 79.5"

Weight Rating: 300lbs

The differences between the Drifter™ and Overland™ Treestands are that the Drifter™ has only two AIS Connection Ports as opposed to four. The AIS Connection Ports for the Drifter™ are located on the front of the platform. Second, the Drifter™ has a narrower design on the rear of the platform. It measures only 13” wide where the teeth meet the tree. Whereas the Overland™ is a full-width of roughly 22.25” wide in the rear. Lastly, the Drifter™ is two pounds lighter than the Overland™, weighing in at 16.9lbs.

The Accessory Integration System is a portal system designed directly into all Vertical™ Treestand platforms. The purpose of the AIS is to seamlessly integrate a wide array of experience elevating accessories directly to the stand using our AIS Connection Ports; so that your time in the tree is as seamless, efficient and purposeful as possible.

Our textilene seat is both UV and abrasion resistant. Meaning it is durable and will hold up to many forms of wear and tear found in the woods.

We plan to incorporate other color options in the future. Be sure to reach out to us with suggestions.


We strive to ship all orders the same day or the following day depending on when the order is placed within the work day. We want your experience to be first-class from the moment you enter our website until you are confidently and comfortably in the tree in one of our platforms. 

Currently we ship utilizing UPS to best be able to reach even our most rural customers. 

About Vertical™

Vertical™ was created with the mindset of getting back to a more traditional style of elevated hunting. Bigger, safer, more comfortable platforms with an experience forward design. Accessory integration and textilene seats allow you to stay hunting in your go-to hang on sets, all season long.

Design features within the Vertical™ system were implemented with user experience and safety at the forefront. Features such as bigger platforms, with larger runs of material; which creates a safer, sturdier experience in the tree. Wider steps and deeper V-Brackets on our TREK™ Climbing Sticks give you more clearance from the tree and ample stepping room when traversing into any tree. Providing an overall safer ascent and descent regardless of weather conditions or available daylight.