Drifter Treestand
Drifter Treestand
Drifter Treestand
Drifter Treestand

Drifter Treestand


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Stemming from our flagship product, Overland; the Drifter Hang-On Stand was made for those who tend to roam. Whether making an aggressive move on a 'homebody' buck or taking a long trek into public land, this stand has got your back. Paired with any extras plugged into our AIS (Accessory Integration System), this stand evolves into the ultimate systematic experience.

Available in 'Pine' or 'Oak' concealment options. Experience yours now. Let's take this topside.

Weight: 16.9lbs

Dimensions: 22.25" x 31.25" (13" in the back)

Seat Dimensions: 16.25" x 14.1"

Strap Length: 79.5" 

Weight Rating: 300lbs

If you are planning to place a large, bulk order of stands or sticks, please head to the linked page to learn more about placing this order. 

More info here.

Customer Reviews

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David Gonzalez
Drifter review

Solid stand, quiet, very comfortable. You can use as mobile hunt...but keep as go to in one favorite area. A bit beefy in weight. Quality stand.

Stephen Mccann
New favorite stand

This stand is perfect for long comfortable sits. It has a rock solid cast aluminum platform that makes no noise along with the most comfortable mesh seat. It’s the same quality as a Lonewolf or Novix stand Except these have a comfortable seat.


I have bought $50 tree stands that have been more quiet than this stand. I am currently sitting in the stand now and am not really pleased one bit. The stand is sturdy and I do love the seat. But the stand creeks and the bolts make noise with every movement I make! For being almost $400 with the foot pegs I really would have expected a lot better and quieter stand. Like I said I have bought a lot cheaper that have done me better. And the bolt that holds the base to the up right post is already bent and looks like it’s about to break off at the head.

Michael Turner
Great sturdy stand

Well built, sturdy stand but extremely heavy!

Thomas Butler

Very well built,comfy, and designed very well. Only complaint is weight. But I am very well pleased.